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How to protect from CryptoWall

CryptoWall is a form of ransomware that uses the same encryption and extortion mechanisms as a previous threat, dubbed CryptoLocker. Local files are encrypted using a randomly generated ...

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How to check the monthly subscription for Bitdefender Security for AWS

Bitdefender Security for AWS delivers resource-effective and comprehensive protection to any number of Amazon EC2 instances in the cloud. Combining purpose-built security technology ...

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How to renew an invalid or expired credit card in AWS

Bitdefender Security for AWS addresses all the challenges with highly-scalable, innovative technology. Bitdefender solution has been designed specifically for virtualized environments ...

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What’s new in Bitdefender GravityZone versus Bitdefender SaaS for AWS

GravityZone is a business security solution built from ground-up for virtualization and cloud to deliver security services to physical endpoints, virtual machines in private, public ...

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GravityZone (Cloud-Based) - July 7th, 2015 Update Release Notes

GravityZone (cloud-based) protects business systems with a centralized policy-based control, real-time visibility into the security status, and does not require on-site server hardware ...

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