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MSP Partner Program Guide

The Partner Advantage Network MSP Partner Program is tailored to support each partner type most effectively. This Guide is an extensive document that will help you discover all the program benefits we have prepared for you.

MSP Partner Program Overview Video

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PAN Portal Benefits

Partner Advantage Network PORTAL

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  • Partner Marketing Portal SSO​

  • Partnership Logo & Diploma

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  • Trainings Offer

  • Certifications Matrix


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  • Usage breakdown visibility

Partner programs awarded by the top channel auditors

Success Stories

See how partnering with Bitdefender can help you be successful

Why should I become a Bitdefender partner?

More than 30,000 partners worldwide have joined our community, and this is not by chance.

The Bitdefender Partner Advantage Network Programs will help differentiate you in the market, keep your customers safe from targeted attacks and increase your revenues and profit margins exponentially as your business grows.

To enable all our partners – resellers, service providers and hybrid partners – to focus on selling Bitdefender solutions that match their own specializations, we have three partner programs: Reselling Channel Program, MSP Partner Program and Integrated Channel Program.

Each program will grant you a comprehensive set of special privileges and benefits, all encompassed and accessible within the Partner Advantage Network Partner Portal.

Start your business journey with Bitdefender now

What are the requirements for becoming a Bitdefender partner?

Starting your partnership with Bitdefender is easy!

To become a registered Bitdefender partner, you have to submit your company details via the online Join Now form. The Bitdefender team then validates your company details together with the distributor in the region, and you will qualify as a Bronze partner.

The BRONZE level represents the Bitdefender partnership entry point for all new partners.

How can I become a registered Bitdefender partner?

To register as a Bitdefender partner, you must fill in the online Join Now form, entering your company details. Based on the information you provide, the Bitdefender team, and the regional distributor, will validate your request – a process that can take up to several working days.

After submitting the Join Now form, you will automatically receive via e-mail your Partner Advantage Network (PAN) Portal credentials and immediately gain access to our portal – under pending status, with a limited view.

After your account is validated, you will be again notified and will have full access to the PAN Portal, including the ordering module for our reselling partners. 

Are there different registration processes for becoming a reselling partner and for becoming a managed service provider (MSP) partner?

To make it easier for you to register as a Bitdefender partner, there is a single registration form, whether you want to become a reselling partner or a managed service provider partner – the Join Now form.

Then, in step 2, you will only have to select your core business activity accordingly. 

How long does it take for my application to be approved? (Why am I still under a pending status?)

Based on the company details you provided in the Join Now form, the Bitdefender team, and the regional distributor in your area, will validate your request.

This process can take up to several working days. If, after more than one week, you have yet to receive the confirmation e-mail along with your partnership level, please follow this link that redirects to the contact form and submit your request.

A Bitdefender representative will assess your submission and follow up.

I can’t log in to the PAN Portal. What are my credentials?

After filling in and submitting the online Join Now form, you should automatically receive, via the e-mail address you submitted, your credentials for logging in to the PAN Portal (please check your e-mail spam folder as well).

A common reason why you have yet to receive your credentials is a typo in your e-mail address when submitting the Join Now form case, in which case you should resubmit the form.

Please remember that e-mail addresses such as Gmail or Yahoo mail are not considered valid for registering as a partner.