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How to protect from CryptoWall

CryptoWall is a form of ransomware that uses the same encryption and extortion mechanisms as a previous threat, dubbed CryptoLocker. Local files are encrypted using a randomly generated ...

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Troubleshooting BEST unsuccessful deployments

<p><strong>Bitdefender GravityZone</strong> provides full visibility into organizations&rsquo; overall security posture, global security threats, and control over ...

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How to prepare workstations for EPS / BEST remote deployment

<p>One of the main features that EPS and BEST provide is the possibility to remotely install network stations, process called deployment. In some cases it is possible to encounter ...

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How to add application or process exclusions in Bitdefender Control Center

This article describes how to add application or process exclusions in Bitdefender Control Center. Overview Enabling process exclusions in Bitdefender Control Center Overview The ...

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GravityZone Communication Ports

<p>The following table provides information on the ports used by the GravityZone components, when the security solution is installed on the premises of your company:&nbsp;</p><table ...

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