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Owning the world’s largest security-delivery infrastructure, Bitdefender has consistently outranked competitors in independent tests.

Bitdefender offers more than 20 modular technology-licensing solutions for its more than 180 partners.

Our #1 rated security technologies are easy to integrate, rebrand, or bundle and protect hundreds of millions of endpoints on a daily basis.

Our antimalware solutions can easily tackle ransomware, advanced persistent threats, and zero-day attacks.

Licensing Options


SDK Integration

Choose from over 20 modular software development kits and countless integration scenarios and bring your services to new heights.

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White label

Rebranding/White label

Extend your portfolio with premium antimalware solutions and tailor them to your company’s style.

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Choose between a wide range of solutions, usable out of the box, with no complicated installations and free-of-charge support.

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Our technology partners

Over 180 technology organizations globally integrate Bitdefender’s award-winning technology.

double patttern

LogMeIn Success Story

Remote work security technology
LogMeIn, a pioneer in remote work technology and a driving force behind today’s work-from-anywhere movement, delivers advanced cybersecurity to home offices. The partnership enhances security, drives security-related revenue, streamlines growth, and consolidates security and IT tasks.
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Stay Competitive with Minimum Cost – Upgrade Your Offer with Licensed Technology

If the countless cyber attacks from the past months have made anything clear, it’s that threat actors move fast. Extremely fast. Worse yet, even if their targets and goals differ, cyber criminals collaborate.

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