Award-Winning Technology

Create Exceptional Products

Create Exceptional Products

Building superior products and fantastic services doesn’t have to be a burden. Antivirus SDKs allow for the same Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to be used on multiple operating systems such as Windows, macOS, or Linux, saving you time and money. Our solutions will enhance your products with award-winning security capabilities and extensive technical support so you can:

  • Cut the costs of hiring your own security analysts, training them, and buying expensive hardware.
  • Cut the costs for support and product maintenance.
  • Reduce the effort of promoting your solutions, as Bitdefender products are already known and appreciated worldwide

Reduce Time-to-Market

Why spend your time building core capabilities when you can use a ready-to-deploy antimalware solution that will bring your offer up to speed? Bitdefender SDKs can take care of all the core components of your offer, while you can focus on the competitive functionality that will ultimately make your products shine. By leaving the basics to us, you can:

  • Develop features that are unique to your market.
  • Use your entire R&D team for innovation, rather than consolidation.
  • Integrate the features your customers want, not the ones that everyone already has.
Integrate with Ease

Integrate with Ease

Bitdefender Endpoint SDK is a full Endpoint Protection agent that can be easily integrated and managed by a 3rd party console through JSON API. In other words, it’s a lightweight solution that works with just about any frontend and on every operating system. Our SDKs allow you to:

  • Fully rebrand or cobrand Bitdefender capabilities for your partners and clients.
  • Cover both PC operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX) and mobile ones like Android, including both physical and virtualized systems.
  • Use our agent to build a full EPP with minimum efforts.
Secure Every Endpoint

Secure Every Endpoint

Our SDKs provide the comprehensive protection our users and partners have come to expect from Bitdefender. This includes Internet threats such as viruses, trojans, worms, rootkits, keyloggers, spam, phishing, adware and spyware, but also more complex threats such as ransomware or Advanced Persistent Threats. By integrating our technologies, you will be able to:

  • Cover and protect multiple endpoints.
  • Adapt your portfolio to your customers’ needs without changing providers.
  • Offer your clients protection for multiple devices, allowing you to upsell easier.
Get a Tailored Solution

Get a Tailored Solution

We support multiple different integration scenarios and architectures. Be it a shared library or client-server model, Windows on PC or Linux on ARM, a cloud service or the same service running on your premises, we adapt our solutions to your needs. This means that:

  • You don’t have to make any changes to your infrastructure.
  • You can deploy our solutions immediately.
  • Your clients will also avoid costly changes.