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Cookie threats!

What is a cookie?At you can learn overview of what cookies represent: very small text files placed on the hard drive by a web server. They ...

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SMB Linux/FreeBSD Faq!

Do you have products for Linux/FreeBSD?Yes, go to and select the Linux/FreeBSD tab. There you'll see our current product line-up and datasheets Do ...

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Security papers

Much ado has been made about whether or not Linux is truly more secure than Windows. Download the paper. The Antivirus Defense-in-Depth Guide provides an overview of the types ...

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Scanning from the command line of Bitdefender Rescue CD

To scan an entire hard drive from command line you will have to open first a terminal as root by right clicking on the desktop and selecting the option Terminal (as root): Contextual ...

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Reading the scan report of the command line scanning with Bitdefender RescueCD

In order to access the procedure for command line scanning with the Bitdefender Rescue CD please read this KB article. To open the saved scan report and view just the infected files ...

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