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Sandbox Analyzer technology updates

Bitdefender regularly provides technology updates for Sandbox Analyzer On-premises. Once installed, Security Appliance Sandbox downloads and installs these updates automatically.

Version 0.2.2203

Release date: 2022.01.25

New features and improvements

  • Added support for WMware ESXi 7.0 hosts.


    Limitations on ESXi 7.0:

    • Slower detonation time for concurrent submissions when increasing the recommended time parameters for a single submission. We recommend not configuring higher values for individual submissions than the default ones in GravityZone Control Center.

    • Slower overall performance depending on the timing of separate submissions. On a constant flow, with no idle processing time, the average throughput (samples detonated per hour) is reduced by around 30%.

Resolved issues

  • In a corner-case scenario, the Sandbox Analyzer On-premises license key did not work with the Sandbox technology updates.

  • A technology issue caused larger than expected log files.

  • Various issues occurring at Sandbox Analyzer installation or update.

Version 0.2.1709

Release date: 2021.02.16

New features and improvements

  • Added more signatures for file type identification of submitted samples.

  • Improved processing of digital certificates for samples and other files generated during detonation.

  • Improved processing of the network traffic generated during detonation. The tools used for this process were updated to a newer version.

Resolved issues

  • Golden images failed to install when the default language of the guest operating system was other than English.

  • During the update process, some components are no longer deleted before ensuring the new version is downloaded successfully.

  • Fixed reliability issues when establishing the SSH connection to the ESXi host during guest operations.

  • Changing the update token now correctly propagates to the technology layer.

  • Other various fixes.

Version 0.2.1570

Release date: 2020.09.03

New features and improvements

  • Added support for golden images with the OS default languages set to Spanish.

  • Deactivated EULA prompts introduced in the latest Microsoft Office update.

  • Disabled Dropbox update tasks.

  • Various other improvements and fixes.

Version 0.2.1200

Release date: 2019.11.05


This is the first technology update delivered with Security Appliance Sandbox in general availability. All the new features, improvements, and fixes address issues with earlier versions released in controlled availability.

New features and improvements

  • Added support for execution.profile detonation option.

  • Added specific image build and detonation error codes. See documentation.

  • Added automatic Windows license activation during build.

  • Added support for Unicode administrator usernames in the guest OS.

  • Added vcredist 14 in the guest OS.

  • Improved support for Office Open XML (.xlsx, .docx, .pptx etc.) and RAR samples.

  • Save guest logs for debugging when image build times out in guest side.

  • Removed golden image requirement to be in test mode.

  • Removed Suspicious verdict. Only Clean and Infected remain in place.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue with archive samples having multiple trailing dots in their filename.

  • Fixed an issue causing image build to fail on images having the MBR structure aligned to more than 512KB.

  • Automatic reconnection to ESXi in case of interruption during any operation.

  • Various other improvements and fixes.