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Prepare for installation

Before installing Sandbox Analyzer On-premises, make sure that:

  • The VMware ESXi hypervisor is installed and configured. For details, refer to the vSphere Installation and Setup documentation, section 2: "Installing and Setting Up ESXi".

  • Bitdefender GravityZone virtual appliance is deployed and configured.


Regarding the VMware ESXi hypervisor, make sure:

  • ESXi version is supported. See Sandbox Analyzer On-premises requirements.

  • VMFS datastore version is 5.

  • SSH is enabled in Startup policy with the Start and stop with host configuration.

  • NTP service is active and configured.

The Sandbox Analyzer On-premises license key controls the number of maximum concurrent detonations. Since each detonation requires a running virtual machine instance, the number of concurrent detonations reflect in the number of virtual machines created. For details about adding license keys in GravityZone Control Center, refer to License management.License management