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The Hunts page provides you a list of all the hunts that the SOC team has performed, along with several filtering options and additional information for each hunt.

  • Hunt number - the unique identifier provided to each hunt.

  • Completion date - the time and date a hunt was concluded.

  • Type - the type of each hunt.

    A hunt type can have one of the following values:

    • Risk-based - based on external threat intelligence. For example, a new threat actor.

    • Targeted - baseline of your environment created during onboarding from the original threat line. Hunts of this type are periodic.

  • Summary - a short description of the reasoning behind the hunt.

  • Analysis result - provides the information on result of the hunt.

  • Recommendation - based on the result of the hunt, provides you with the steps you should take to fix any possible threat or vulnerability.

  • Company - the name of the company for which the recommendations apply.