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About Bitdefender MDR

Bitdefender MDR provides 24x7 defense against cyber threats.

Bitdefender MDR delivers the people, process, and technology to completely address your security needs and outcomes. Modern EDR/XDR solutions require skilled analysts to continually monitor the environment, with an ever-increasing number of alerts, and ownership of time-critical response workflows.

Bitdefender MDR takes responsibility for these challenges so that your IT and Security teams can focus on helping your organization grow.

Bitdefender MDR Services are offered in two tiers:

  • Bitdefender MDR offer with emphasis on value-based security fundamentals

  • Bitdefender MDR PLUS offer with emphasis on the most comprehensive security available

Benefits and features

Bitdefender MDR

  • Leading security platform – Bitdefender MDR includes our industry leading security platform, enhanced by additional SOC tools and AI.

  • 24x7 security coverage – Our global network of SOCs work when you work and cover you around the world and around the clock. If a security incident occurs, our SOC will take action and a security account manager will call your emergency contact within 30 minutes and be in constant communications throughout the incident.

  • Pre-Approved Actions (PAA) – A comprehensive array of PAAs provide quick and decisive response actions to mitigate security incidents. Our analysts evaluate, investigate and take actions faster than any teams.

  • Threat Hunting  –  Hundreds of millions of total covered  endpoints allows Bitdefender security researchers, Bitdefender Labs, and the MDR Threat Intelligence team to compile a massive amount of threat intelligence, attacker research and threat analyses to continuously support threat hunts and update and protect our customers.

  • Expert Recommendations – In addition to providing complete security coverage, we elevate your security team. Our team of security experts provides recommendations to improve your security knowledge and posture as well as corrective actions to prevent possible incidents.

  • Incident Root Cause and Impact Analysis – We identify the original threat vectors and potential impacts during incidents, offering comprehensive analyses and documentation in after-action reports. We initiate enhanced monitoring for 72 hours to ensure similar or related incidents don’t occur.

  • MDR Portal and Reporting – Your MDR portal provides dashboards and monthly, actionable reporting on your service.  The report provides meaningful insights into security incidents, highlight cybersecurity trends, and guide remediation efforts, offering unparalleled transparency into the MDR service.

Bitdefender MDR PLUS

  • All the benefits of Bitdefender MDR included.

  • 24x7 Security Account Manager – Dedicated SAM is your single point-of-contact,  there to address your questions or concerns and provide a quarterly business review (QBR).

  • Professional Service On-boarding – Professional services team provides detailed support and guidance to quickly and accurately on-board your organization onto the service.

  • Global Threat Intelligence Feeds and Analysis – Cyber Intelligence Fusion Cell (CIFC) utilizes the threat intelligence lifecycle to research cyber threats, geopolitical activity, and industry-specific data trends and then apply this knowledge to your organization.

  • Dark Web Monitoring – Continuously monitor the dark web to detect leaked or stolen organizational data, including domains, credentials, intellectual property (IP), brand references and typo-squatting, technology stack, and industry and geography concerns.

  • Security Baselining and Tailored Threat Modeling – Collect and process information about your organization, including your business, users, and known threats, to model and monitor your specific threat landscape.

  • Brand and IP Protection – Continuously monitor your most valuable assets to detect and notify you of what is being shared or sold on the dark web.

  • High Priority Target Monitoring – Continuously monitor high-value employees for information that may have been stolen or leaked.

  • Comprehensive reporting - intelligence hunts, Quicklooks (dark web report), Tippers (industry-specific research and recommendations), and Requests for Information (customer requested).

Partner management

Any partner company with at least one Bitdefender MDR MSP or Bitdefender MDR Customer company underneath will have The company`s Partner can assist with the security management option automatically enabled.

Disabling this option will no longer be available as long as there are any client companies with Bitdefender MDR services. This applies to distributors, partners, and MSP companies, including their Bitdefender MDR customers underneath.

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