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About Bitdefender MDR

Bitdefender Managed Detection and Response (Bitdefender MDR) is a service providing a set of security benefits to organizations, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

The service is delivered by combining industry-leading Bitdefender security technologies with human-led analysis. These include advanced attack prevention technologies, human-led analysis of security detections, and tailored response actions and recommendations. Bitdefender MDR services combine cybersecurity for endpoints, plus network and security analytics, with the threat-hunting expertise of a SOC fully staffed by security analysts with backgrounds from intelligence agencies on multiple continents.


Bitdefender MDR provides the following benefits:

  • Managed Onboarding. You benefit from project management and professional services to get you up and running and protected as quickly as possible.

  • Dedicated Security Account Manager. Your single point of contact for our Bitdefender MDR, the Security Account Manager, ensures you get the most out of the service with a personalized approach. Available for Bitdefender MDR Enterprise and Bitdefender MDR Premium only.

  • GravityZone Business Security Enterprise. With Bitdefender MDR, you will achieve a better return on investment and benefit from the advanced prevention and detection of our comprehensive security solution, designed to help address security challenges across your organization.

  • 24x7 Security Operations. We eliminate the operational overhead of managing security alerts and events. Our proactive, highly skilled and certified security analysts, with experience from the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, British Intelligence, and the NSA, partner with you on the frontlines of your cyber defenses.

  • Threat Hunting Services. Threat hunting is critical for reducing compromise the risk of compromise and keeping dwell time to a minimum. Bitdefender Labs, threat intelligence teams, and security researchers continuously monitor all aspects of the global threat landscape, using the knowledge gained to drive threat hunts across your systems.

Partner management

Any partner company with at least one Bitdefender MDR MSP or Bitdefender MDR Customer company underneath will have The company`s Partner can assist with the security management option automatically enabled.

Disabling this option will no longer be available as long as there are any client companies with Bitdefender MDR services. This applies to distributors, partners, and MSP companies, including their Bitdefender MDR customers underneath.


Bitdefender MDR provides the following features:

  • 24/7 Security Operations

    • Threat Management. Using tailored analytics and tooling, our SOC analysts triage and assess the output of GravityZone threat detection analytics and data to identify incidents and security events that require action.

    • Tailored Response Playbooks. Our security experts execute highly customizable, pre-approved response actions in your environments to mitigate incidents detected through our analytics, threat hunting, and dark web monitoring.

    • Expert Recommendations. At all stages of the service – day or night – you benefit from tactical and strategic recommendations for incident mitigation, remediation, and hardening of your environments, thereby improving your resilience to attack.

    • Root Cause & Impact Analysis. We work with your team to identify the original threat vectors and potential impacts during incidents, offering comprehensive after-action reports. These details help drive continual improvement to your security posture and processes.

    • Priority Target Monitoring. We assess your environments through automation and with interview questions for high-value or high-risk assets. We put additional processes in place for these assets to provide a higher priority and level of monitoring.

    • Monthly Service Reports. Your designated Security Account Manager curates monthly reports detailing your Bitdefender MDR status, including service outcomes, detections, and actions taken.

  • Threat Hunting

    • Risk-based Hunting. Our threat hunting experts use the latest threat intelligence powered by Bitdefender Labs and a continually updated threat model tailored to your organization to perform periodic threat hunts across your systems.

    • Targeted Threat Hunting. Our teams compile a massive amount of organic and systematic threat intelligence, attacker research, and threat analysis that trigger proactive threat hunts in your environment.  Our SOC analysts and threat researchers continuously identify industry trends, system anomalies, and new adversary techniques that inform and drive comprehensive threat hunting in your environment.

  • Threat Intelligence

    • Tailored Threat Modelling. Our continuous analysis, combined with ongoing research of adversary groups and industry trends, provides you with detailed intelligence of potential risks from malicious actors to your business and high-value employees.

    • Brand & IP Protection. Our Cyber-Intelligence Fusion Cell (CIFC) performs extensive monitoring activities to identify company information or high-value employee information that may have been stolen or otherwise leaked.

    • Dark Web Monitoring. CIFC continuously monitors the dark web to discover various customer or brand information, including customer credentials, intellectual property, holdings and subsidiaries, and other customer-specific information.

    • Domain Registration Monitoring. CIFC monitors your domain properties for newly created domains that could indicate "typo-squatting" or URL hijacking behavior by bad actors.

    • Digital Asset Monitoring. CIFC monitors for brand/company information to ensure customer data or code is not being leaked or distributed on public forums such as code repositories or paste sites.

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