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The Reports page provides a list of all internal and external reports that the SOC team has sent to your company.

  • Report name - the name of the report.


    You can view any report by clicking the report name. This will open in a separate tab and you can browse through the key points.

  • Type - the type of the report. A report can have one of the below values:

    • Monthly report - provides an overview of all the incidents related to your company that have been registered in the path month, information on global threats, and general recommendations to improve your company's security.

    • Tipper - provides information on global events and new external threats that might impact your company.

    • Threat hunt - provides a detailed report on a threat hunt.

    • Incident - provides a detailed report on an investigation.

      The Incident type includes two reports:

      • Flash report - is sent to you as soon as an Incident is detected in your environment, to give you information on what is immediately known.

      • After-Action report - is sent after the Incident has been mitigated and eradicated. The After-Action report gives the you the details around what happened and what the SOC did in response.

  • Uploaded on - date when the report was uploaded.

  • Priority

    • Advisory - includes Threat hunts and Tippers.  These are aspects for the you to be aware of moving forward.

    • Status - includes Monthly Reports.  These inform you what the service has been doing on your behalf and the status of your environment.

    • Post-event - includes Flash reports and After-Action reports.  These inform you what happened during an incident.

  • Company - the company for which the report was uploaded.

Viewing reports

You can view the PDF reports directly in your browser or you can download them to your computer.

Downloading reports

To download a report, click the menu.PNG vertical ellipsis button at the right side of the page.

Alternatively, to download one or more reports:

  1. Select the check boxes at the left side of the page.

  2. Click the download.PNG Download button.

Deleting reports

Reports cannot be deleted.