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The Tickets page displays a list of cases opened by users from your company or one of the companies that you manage. Tickets are used to submit support requests directly.


In the Tickets page you can view the following details:

  • Ticket ID - the unique identifier assigned to each ticket

  • Priority - the priority given to each ticket by the SOC team

  • Subject - the subject line of the ticket

  • Created by - the username that created the ticket

  • Created on - the date on which the ticket was created

  • Status - the current status of the ticket

    The ticket may have one of the following statuses:

    • New- assigned to newly created tickets.

    • Customer - the ticket has been assigned a priority and a reply has been sent to the customer.

    • Bitdefender - the customer has replied to Bitdefender and is expecting a response.

    • Closed - either the customer has closed the ticket from the Bitdefender MDR Portal, or a support engineer has closed it from Salesforce.

  • Company - the company name to which the ticket belongs.


  • You can filter and browse though the list of tickets using any of the details listed above.

  • From the Status drop-down section, you can choose Open to filter all tickets which are not yet closed, irrespective of the status.

Creating tickets

To open a new ticket, follow these steps:

  1. Click the 124821_1.PNG Add new button at the upper left side of the page.

  2. Type in a descriptive title in the Subject field.

  3. In the Message field, write a detailed description of your request.

  4. (optional) Click the 124821_3.PNG Browse button and select the file you wish to attach to your ticket.

  5. Click the 124821_4.PNG Submit button.


Check the Roles and permissions page as some actions are directly linked to the permissions assigned to each user.

Changing the ticket status

The status of the ticket is changed automatically based on the action taken by you or by the support team.

  1. When you create the ticket, the status is New and it automatically receives an ID from Salesforce.

  2. Support center assigns a priority and send you a response. The priority shows in Bitdefender MDR and the status is now Customer.

  3. You add a reply and the status is now changed to Bitdefender.

  4. If the ticket is resolved, either you or customer support can set the status to Closed.


    Once a ticket is closed, you cannot reopen it. A new ticket must be created.