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GravityZone 6.21.1-1 Release Notes

Release interval: 2021.03.09 - 2021.03.30


GravityZone Platform

Bitdefender upgrades the operating system of the GravityZone VAs to Ubuntu 20.04 and MongoDB for the Database Server to version 4.4. The update will roll out in more stages, depending on the number of your protected endpoints and GravityZone architecture. Once the update is available to you, we advise you to install it as soon as possible.

For detailed information, best practices and upgrade steps, refer to this KB article.

warning Warning:
Before proceeding with the update, we strongly advise you to take snapshots of all GravityZone appliances.


important Important:
With this release, GravityZone will cease communication with Bitdefender Tools. If you still have this legacy client installed in your environment, we recommend replacing it with BEST.
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