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GravityZone (Cloud-based) Release Notes for February 2018 Update

Last updated on: 20/02/2018

This article informs you about the changes delivered with the Bitdefender GravityZone update in February 2018.

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GravityZone 6.3.3-9 Release Notes

Last updated on: 19/12/2017

This article presents the changes introduced in Gravityzone version 6.3.3-9, released on December 18th,  2017.

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GravityZone (Cloud-Based) Release Notes for December 2017 Update

Last updated on: 11/12/2017

This article provides information on the changes delivered with the GravityZone (Cloud-Based) update, released in December, 2017.

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Bitdefender Patch Management Supported Vendors and Products

Last updated on: 08/12/2017

Detailed list of vendors and products supported by Bitdefender Patch Management.

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GravityZone Elite Security (On-premises) Initial Release Notes

Last updated on: 05/10/2017

This article provides the GravityZone Elite Security (On-premises) Initial Release Notes, released on September 28th, 2017.

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Integrating GravityZone Cloud with Microsoft Windows Defender Security Center

Last updated on: 22/02/2018

This article explains how you can integrate the two platforms so that you can monitor malware detections from Windows Defender Security Center.

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Gravityzone Elite Security Initial Release Notes

Last updated on: 18/07/2017

This article describes the key functionalities of the product and known issues.

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What to do when Bitdefender detects legitimate applications

Last updated on: 10/10/2017

This article explains what to do when Bitdefender reports a legitimate file as being infected (false positive).

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