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GravityZone 6.12.1-1 Release Notes

Release date: 2020.04.07

Minimum requirements:

  • Security Agents: - Windows, - Linux, - macOS 
  • Security Server: - Multi-Platform, - NSX-V



You can now configure Security Servers’ cache sharing so that you can enable/disable it or restrict it to Security Servers from the same network. Not to worry about bandwidth consumption between sites anymore. The settings are available in the Configuration > Security Servers Settings page. 


We eased firewall configuration with the new option to import and export rules. 


You can now set rules to exclude drives from encryption.

Remote Troubleshooting 

  • Remote troubleshooting is now available for all Security Server versions.
  • You can now restart a troubleshooting session while maintaining its previous settings.

System Status 

Automatic repair capability for metrics encountering issues on any appliance in your environment is now available at the click of a button. 


Easily remove installed security solutions from your environment when upgrading to a full product license. The feature is ON by default and will remove any existing security software that creates conflicts when installing the BEST protection modules.


  • View portlets in a single scrolling page and update all the information at once using the Refresh Portlets button.
  • Added time filtering for the Endpoint Protection Status, Policy Compliance and Update Status portlets.


The Antimalware Event notification now includes details about the scan type, signature version and scan engine type.

What’s New 

Rushing to solve a problem and What’s New stays in the way? No more. We wrapped it gently in a gift box next to the Notifications icon. It will showcase the new features in a compact side panel. 

Removed Features


Removed the Malware Activity report. Consider using the Security Audit report as an alternative.


Removed the Malware Activity portlet.


Removed support for scanning Mapped Network drives when On-Demand Device Scanning is used.

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