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GravityZone 6.5.11-1/6.6.1-2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019.05.14


Update System

GravityZone comes with a more flexible update system, which offers greater control over the update process. Among improvements, you can notice:

  • Requirements validation before installation
  • Progress tracking for each appliance from Control Center
  • Update synchronization across appliances
  • Automatic resume of the update, if interrupted by appliance reboot or crash
  • Integrity checks when modifying the GravityZone infrastructure
    Starting with this update, installation of GravityZone roles requires using the same major and minor version numbers of GravityZone, for both the image file and the deployment.
    This requirement applies both when you reinstall an existing role, or when you extend your GravityZone deployment.
    The GravityZone version number consists of these sequences: major.minor.patch. For example, at version 6.5.3-1, major version is 6, minor version is 5, and patch version is 3-1.
important Important:
  • Open port 22 (inbound and outbound) to allow SSH traffic to each GravityZone virtual appliance.
  • You need to run this update manually by clicking the Update button when it becomes available. Automatic update is suspended due to the changes being made to the update system itself.
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