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GravityZone Protection Layers Availability

This article lists the protection layers available with GravityZone for supported operating systems. All the features below are available for both GravityZone Cloud and GravityZone On-premises solutions, unless specified otherwise.

For the GravityZone protection layers availability across various commercial packages (GravityZone Business Security, GravityZone Advanced Business Security etc.), refer to this comparison page.

Agent Protection for Desktop and Server Operating Systems

GravityZone ensures protection of Windows, Linux, and macOS systems through Bitdefender security agents, as follows:

  • Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools, running on:
    • Windows operating systems, starting with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. This category also includes the corresponding tablet and embedded versions.
    • Linux (various distributions).
  • Endpoint Security for Mac, running on macOS, starting with macOS Sierra (10.12).

For the comprehensive list of supported operating systems, refer to the GravityZone Installation Guide version available with your GravityZone solution.

Workstations Servers Servers Workstations
Antimalware Yes Yes Yes Yes
     Local Scan Yes Yes Yes Yes
     Central Scan Yes Yes Yes No
     Hybrid Scan Yes Yes Yes No
Advanced Threat Control Yes Yes No Yes
Fileless Attack Protection Yes Yes No No
HyperDetect Yes Yes Yes No
Advanced Anti-Exploit Yes Yes No No
Ransomware Mitigation Yes Yes No No
Firewall Yes No No No
Content Control Yes No No Yes
Network Attack Defense Yes Yes No No
Device Control Yes Yes No Yes
Application Control (Whitelisting)
(Only GravityZone On-premises)
Yes Yes No No
Full Disk Encryption Yes Yes No Yes
Patch Management Yes Yes No No
     Patch Scan Server Yes Yes Yes No
Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extended Detection and Response (XDR)
(Only GravityZone Cloud)
Yes Yes Yes Yes*
Endpoint Risk Analytics (ERA)
(Only GravityZone Cloud)
Yes Yes Yes No
Security for Exchange No Yes No No
Sandbox Analyzer Yes Yes No No
     Automatic Submission Yes Yes No No
     Manual Submission Yes Yes No No
Tamper Protection Yes Yes No Yes
Power User Yes Yes No No
Relay Role Yes Yes Yes No
Graphical User Interface (GUI) Yes Yes No Yes
Command-line Interface (CLI) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Uninstall Password Yes Yes Yes Yes

*Not supported on Apple M1 processors yet.

Agent Protection for Mobile Operating Systems

The security agent GravityZone for Mobile Client installs on iOS and Android devices.

Layer Description
Security for Mobile
(Only GravityZone On-premises)
Unifies enterprise-wide security with management and compliance control of iOS and Android devices by providing reliable software and update distribution via Apple or Android marketplaces.

Agentless Protection

Layer Description
Antimalware / Central Scan Bitdefender Security Server performs the file scanning. No signature is stored on endpoints.
Hypervisor Memory Introspection (HVI)
(Only GravityZone On-premises)
Operates at the hypervisor level, protecting Windows and Linux virtual machines.
Security for Storage Protects files on Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices using Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP).
Network Traffic Security Analytics (NTSA) Analyzes IPFIX traffic streams, independently of the operating systems running on endpoints.
Email Security
(Only GravityZone Cloud)
Provides mail flow protection against email threats such as spam, phishing or malicious URLs.
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