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Bitdefender GravityZone 6.5.3-70 Release Notes

Release Date: 2018.11.27


  • Security updates from third party software integrated into GravityZone are now deployed automatically as soon as they are available on the Bitdefender repositories. If you want to install these updates only when a regular GravityZone update is available, you need to disable this option from the Configuration > Update page of Control Center.
    important Important:
    This feature is being rolled out through two subsequent updates. First update (version 6.3.9-3) is a transition one and it helps preparing the environment. The second update (version 6.5.3-70) is expected in maximum 30 minutes and it brings all the new features.
  • Upgraded the Linux kernel on the GravityZone virtual appliance.
    important Important:
    You need to reboot the appliance to load the new kernel.
  • Several other security improvements.


  • Access permissions

    Added new options for access permissions based on AD Security Groups:

    • Access rules listing and rule priority order per domains.
    • Exclusions attached to any rule change for impacted users. For each user, you can view how the change affects the account.
    • Rule cleanup and user deactivation when removing AD domain integrations.
    • Detailed logs in User Activity page.
    • User status and associated rule name in the Accounts page.
  • Syslog notifications

    GravityZone has adopted the Common Event Format (CEF) standard format for sending events to Syslog, and opens the gate to integrations with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions that share this standard. Syslog events are now available in two formats: JSON (GravityZone default) and CEF. For more information, refer to the Administrator’s Guide.
    You can choose which format to use when adding a Syslog server in the Configuration > Miscellaneous page.

  • Localization

    GravityZone expands its availability. Czech users can now switch to their native language when working with GravityZone.

  • Deployment

    Installation kits for security agents are now available to any user with a download link. You can send these links to multiple email recipients from the Packages page.

  • Security for Virtualized Environments CPU licensing

    Improved the CPU-based licensing model. In case you notice any irregularity, please contact Bitdefender Technical Support.

Resolved Issues

  • Antimalware

    Contextual scan was ignoring archives.

  • Content Control

    Notifications for some blocked websites were missing the category name.

  • Policies

    • Enabling Endpoint Restart Notification also enabled Device Scanning alerts.
    • GravityZone allowed creating empty Device Control rules in the policy.
  • Help & Support

    Support tickets were sent without attachments when they exceeded the limit of 10 MB, instead of warning the user.

  • Backup

    Some scheduled GravityZone backups were generated twice.

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