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Bitdefender GravityZone 6.3.7-7 Release Notes

Release date: 2018.09.18

New features

  • Integration with Microsoft Azure

    New integration capability with Microsoft Azure, allowing GravityZone to protect your virtual machines hosted in the Microsoft cloud. You can import your Azure inventory in GravityZone and manage it using all the available security features. You can also create policy assignment rules for Azure virtual machines by their tags.

  • Automatic access permissions for users in Active Directory security groups

    You can now leverage the AD security groups defined on your company’s premises to manage user access to GravityZone. Solution Managers can now create rules that enable a dynamic account creation for all users from the specified AD security groups. Users from these groups will be able to log in to GravityZone console with their domain credentials. GravityZone will automatically create the user accounts after the AD users log in for the first time.
    You will find the new access permission rules in Configuration > Active Directory.

  • New GravityZone user role

    The security analyst has become over the years an important role in most of the IT departments. Bitdefender, as a security company, recognizes this fact and introduced in GravityZone a user role just for them. The Security Analyst role helps the user investigate the incidents within the computer network through various reports. In time, the Security Analyst will have access to more tools for a wider insight on the network security events.
    The new role replaces the Reporter, inheriting all rights of the former role. Existing users with the Reporter role automatically switch to the new role, all their data being preserved.

Resolved Issues

  • Process Inspector (Advanced Threat Protection)

    Applying changes in Advanced Threat Protection settings caused the module to switch off and on, and notifications to be sent.

  • Patch Management

    The policy was displaying maximum 100 Patch Caching Servers.

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