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GravityZone 6.3.5-4 Release Notes

Release date: 2018.05.02

warning Warning:
To complete the security improvement, you need to restart the GravityZone virtual appliances. Meanwhile, your network remains protected.

New Features

Nutanix Prism Element Integration

  • GravityZone brings its innovative security features to Nutanix Prism. With a few clicks, you can integrate GravityZone with one or more Nutanix Prism Element clusters. Use either a Controller VM IP or the Cluster Virtual IP to configure the integration. You will have the entire Nutanix inventory in a dedicated folder in Control Center.
important Important:
  • GravityZone supports only Nutanix Prism Enterprise Edition with AOS 5.6 or later
  • The integration requires a Nutanix user with administrative privileges (Cluster Admin or User Admin).

Two-Factor Authentication

  • New login option that adds an extra layer of protection to the GravityZone accounts. As a GravityZone administrator with manage users right, you can enforce this feature to managed user accounts.

Installation Kits for Windows Legacy

  • Technology evolves and so does GravityZone. Following the announcement of limited support for Windows legacy operating systems such as XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008, Bitdefender has decided to ensure protection of these systems through a new Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools kit. This new kit can be deployed either manually or through a third-party solution, and it must be configured to connect to GravityZone Control Center directly and not through a Relay.



  • Bitdefender has mitigated the negative effects of Meltdown. GravityZone virtual appliance is up to date with all security patches for this vulnerability.

Full Disk Encryption

  • New security policy option that allows disabling the pre-boot password on endpoints with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) active.


  • Introduced a new Windows system variable for defining targets. You can now use %userprofile% when configuring scan tasks and exclusions.

Resolved Issues

Active Directory Integration

  • Importing Active Directory endpoints in Custom Groups was duplicating entries in Control Center > Network Inventory.

Report Builder

  • Some Endpoint Status queries were not generating results or they contained outdated information.


  • Relays were still used as custom update locations when they were disabled in the policy.
  • Improper validation of IPs with digit groups starting with zero.

Help & Support

  • The Technical Support Request form had the actual size limit of the attachment lower than the declared one.

Known Issues

Nutanix Prism Element Integration

  • The Nutanix integration has an incorrect status in Control Center when a Nutanix Prism user is disabled or has changed privileges to Viewer.


Nutanix Prism Element Integration

  • Security Server requires manual image uploading when integrating GravityZone with Nutanix Prism Element registered to Nutanix Prism Central. For more information, refer to this KB article.
  • GravityZone cannot synchronize the Nutanix inventory automatically, if the following events occur:
    • A host becomes unreachable.
    • A host is added or removed from the cluster.
    • The hardware configuration of a host has been modified.
    • A host has a new IP.
    • The name of the cluster has changed.
    In such cases, you need to resync the integration from the Configuration > Virtualization page. For more information, refer to the Configure Control Center Settings chapter of the Installation Guide.
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