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GravityZone (Cloud-Based) Release Notes for August 2017 Update

New Features and Improvements

Default Update Location

  • The default update location has changed to For safety reasons, remains as fallback location in case the above address is unreachable.

Microsoft Active Directory Integration

This feature comes with significant improvements:

  • You can add computers and groups from multiple AD domains. The limit of only one AD Integrator has been removed.
  • Added AD Integrator details in the computer’s Information window.
  • You can remove AD Integrators and AD domains.
  • The Active Directory Integration Issue notification informs you when there is a problem with the domain synchronization.

Policy Inheritance Rules

  • Editing inheritance rules is now easier. You can search for modules and sections while you type, and choose all sections with a single click.


  • Added new file-less attack detections, including command-line detections. In the HyperDetect Activity report, the command-line detection entries are displayed separately and they cannot be added to the exclusions list.

Sandbox Analyzer

  • The computer’s Information window has been redesigned for better understanding of the module’s status. The module is now considered Active when a policy with Sandbox Analyzer enabled is applied on the endpoint.
  • A new status for submitted files, called Unsupported, is available in the Manual Submission page and in the Sandbox Analyzer Results report. The status informs you when GravityZone could not determine if a file is a threat or not.
  • In the Manual Submission page, you can monitor the file uploading process thanks to a progress bar.

GravityZone Localization

  • We listen carefully to our customers’ demands, so from now on you can use GravityZone also in Russian and Italian.


  • Added a new API, called Event Push Service. The API sends real time notifications through the web service you define in Control Center.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed the incorrect status displayed for some pending and in progress tasks.
  • System variables present in paths are no longer case sensitive.

Known Issues

Sandbox Analyzer

  • Manual Submission is incompatible with Internet Explorer 9.
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