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Bitdefender GravityZone 6.1.41-549 & 6.2.1-30 Release Notes

Release Date: 30-Apr-2017

New Features and Improvements


  • Bitdefender upgrades the operating system of the GravityZone VAs to Ubuntu 16.04. This process is going to be performed in two stages, starting with update 6.1.41-549. During this upgrade, MongoDB database is also being upgraded to version 3.2.
    While GravityZone is updating, Control Center displays the progress of the update for each appliance deployed in your environment.
    For detailed information and upgrade steps, refer to this KB article.
    warning Warning: All applications additionally installed on your appliances, such as monitoring tools, will be removed. Before proceeding with the update, we strongly advise you to take snapshots of all GravityZone appliances.

Computers and Virtual Machines Protection

  • Added support for VMware vSphere 6.5.
  • The Relay role is now available for Linux operating system.
  • When deleting an Active Directory integration, you now have the option to keep the unmanaged endpoints from network inventory.
  • After removing an Active Directory integration, endpoints will return to the folders they were in prior to integration. If the folder no longer exists, the endpoints will return directly under Custom Groups. Please note that the assigned policies may change, depending on the assignment configuration (endpoint set to inherit policy from above, or parent group forcing the policy inheritance).
  • Added the possibility to delete discovered applications from Applications Inventory.
  • You are now informed of the number of policies affected when you delete an application or a folder of applications from Application Inventory.
  • Editing policy inheritance rules has been made easier, as you can search for modules and sections as you type.
  • Managing Web Access Control exclusions becomes effortless with the new options to import and export existing rules.
  • Updated the contact information displayed while updating GravityZone.
  • Improved the email messaging system.
  • Applications or processes moves within Application Inventory are now monitored in the User Activity log.
  • You can now clean up the Quarantine of unlinked files.
  • NSX virtual machines found infected are now displayed as having issues until the tag is removed.

Resolved Issues

Computers and Virtual Machines Protection

  • Quarantined items can no longer be excluded from scanning when restored, if the active policy is read-only.
  • Resolved an issue causing high CPU usage on some particular GravityZone environments.
  • Resolved a delay in displaying the number of targets and policy assignment status in the Policies page.
  • Resolved the issue with multiple selection of notifications.
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