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Understanding Security for Virtual Environments . Product Components

Security for Virtualized Environments (SVE)is the first comprehensive security solution for virtualized datacenters. SVE protects not only Windows servers and end-user systems, but also Linux and Solaris systems. Integrated with VMware vShield and VMware vCenter, its unique architecture also allows it to defend systems running on any system virtualization technology. When installed in VMware environments, SVE takes advantage of vShield Endpoint. However, SVE is not dependent on the virtualization technology; it protects environments that are powered by any virtualization technology.      

                Product Components

Security Virtual Appliance

Security for Virtualized Environments deduplicates and centralizes much of the scanning functionality to a single, dedicated virtual appliance on each physical host. This hardened Linux scanning virtual appliance deals with the scanning and maintenance (updates, upgrades, RAM, IOPS, etc.) requirements of the antimalware clients.

By being virtualization-aware via integration with VMware vCenter, Bitdefender guarantees that no host is overwhelmed during even the most intense full-system scans of multiple virtual machines. This approach will avoid a condition known as “resource contention” or “AV storm” that results from full antimalware clients across multiple virtual machines competing for host resources, thus preventing the host from servicing production workloads.

Security Console

Security Console is a central web interface used for deploying, configuring, monitoring, and reporting on the security status of datacenters and end-user systems. Built on Bitdefender Gravity Architecture, a single Security Console and data store horizontally scale from the smallest to largest deployment with ease. Security Console acts as a hub for all Bitdefender security technology, with ever-more Bitdefender solutions being rapidly and seamlessly incorporated into Security Console.

Update Server, the component handling all product upgrade and signature update tasks is delivered together with Security Console. Update Server is the only component that needs access to the Internet in order to communicate with the Bitdefender Cloud.

Silent Agent

Silent Agent is the small, guest side component that facilitates memory, on-access and on-demand scans. It is a very thin application, which also has a secondary role of notifying the user on the local security status.



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