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Troubleshooting clients that appear as not available

Troubleshooting steps

  1. Make sure that the default interval for informing the server is unchanged on the respective client: go to the respective machine, browse to "%CommonProgramFiles%\SOFTWIN\Bitdefender Local Manager" and edit bdlm.ini. Locate the [LocalData] section and check the value for the InformInterval parameter - it should have a value smaller than 40;
  2. In the same file as above please check the [AVStats] section and verify that this section contains information about the client. If no information is available then please uninstall and then reinstall the Client on this station;
  3. Try to refresh the management console display (by pressing F5);
  4. If the situation persists then you need to go to the server, make sure to close the management console and then stop the Bitdefender server service; then browse to "%ProgramFiles%\SOFTWIN\Bitdefender Enterprise Manager\Bitdefender server" and rename/delete the following files: avstats.dat and avstats.sav. Then restart the service, open the management console and refresh the display.

Asking for assistance

Should the situation persist after performing all the above steps please report this situation to our Technical Support department. In order to speed up the reaction time please make sure to include the following pieces of information:

  • From the respective client station please provide the following files: bdlm.ini and products.dat from the above mentioned location;
  • From the server please send us the following files: avstats.dat, avstats.sav and machines.dat; additionally make sure to send us a screenshot of the management console showing the N/A fields;
  • The reports generated by two small tools; these tools and their full description are available here. Please make sure to run them on the client as well as on the server.
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