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SMB Linux/FreeBSD Faq!

  1. Do you have products for Linux/FreeBSD?
    Yes, go to and select the Linux/FreeBSD tab. There you'll see our current product line-up and datasheets
  2. Do you have rpm packages? / Does [product] work on Mandriva? / Does your [product] work on [WHATEVER LINUX]
    Yes, our current product line-up supports .rpm .deb and packages (for generic instalations). Basically we support any Linux distribution no older then 2 years old and FreeBSD 5.x or newer (with compat5x). Just go to , select the Linux/FreeBSD tab, select your desired solution and download the evaluation version.
  3. Does it work with [qmail/sendmail/postfix/CGate Pro/courier]?
    Yes! Just download the evaluation version and give it a try
  4. Does it support [Exim or any other mail server version]
    The SMTP proxy agent available in all mail server products allows integration with any mail server whatsoever. Just download the evaluation version of [BD4SMB/BD4FBSD] and give it a try
  5. Do you support [AIX/Solaris/any_other_non_x86]
    Not at this moment
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