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Overview - deploying Bitdefender Client Security

Bitdefender Client Security is a network security solution aimed at all types of businesses. Client products are Bitdefender security solutions that can be managed remotely using Bitdefender Management Server. You can install client products only on the network computers that are managed by Bitdefender Management Server (client computers). Before you proceed, prepare computers for deployment to make sure it goes smoothly.

Four main components are of interest for the deployment:

  • Bitdefender Management Server, which allows you to centrally manage the Bitdefender security solutions in your network;
  • Bitdefender Management Console, which is the graphical interface of Bitdefender Management Server.
  • Bitdefender Management Agent, the local management component installed on all managed computers, which ensures communication between the managed computers and Bitdefender Management Server;
  • Bitdefender Business Client, which protects workstations against a wide range of security threats. If you also want to protect servers and manage their protection, you must add support for the Bitdefender server security solutions.

1. Installing the management server

At the server side you will need to install the following components: Bitdefender Management Server, Bitdefender Management Console and Bitdefender Update Server.

Note: if you want to use an existing database instead of letting Bitdefender create a new one please make sure to prepare for this action before actually starting to install the management server.

For a complete overview of this process, follow steps from this KB article.

2. Installing the clients

In order to be able to install and manage the network stations you need to install Bitdefender Management Agent (action called deployment). Once the deployment is finished you can proceed with installing and managing Bitdefender Business Client.

Note: before attempting to deploy the agents throughout the network please make sure to prepare the clients. Additionally, you can deploy the communication agent onto the servers in the network.

3. Securing the server

Keep in mind that after installing the Bitdefender Management Server, the server itself is not protected against malware infections.

We strongly recommend using Bitdefender Security for File Servers in order to protect the server,  If you have several servers that you need to protect throughout the network, contact your Bitdefender vendor in order to obtain a Bitdefender Client Security license that allows the management server to manage this type of protection.

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