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Managing SafeBox backups from Windows

Whenever you right-click a folder or inside a folder, the Windows contextual menu will give you quick access to all available SafeBox operations.

The following options are available in the contextual menu:

1. Adding folders to SafeBox

To add a folder to SafeBox, right-click its icon or anywhere inside the folder and select Add to SafeBox. A remote folder with the same name is created on Bitdefender servers.

If the AutoSync is On, Bitdefender will start uploading the entire folder contents to the online servers. When the folder synchronization is completed, the Bitdefender icon will appear over the folder icon.
Moreover, once a folder is added to SafeBox and as long as Auto Sync is on, the folder contents are automatically synced with the online (remote) folder.

Note: if you want to backup the content of each folder manually, you can Bring up the main Bitdefender interface, use the slider to locate the Safebox panel, click on Manage and choose Backup now from the drop down menu.

2. Removing folders from SafeBox

To remove a folder from SafeBox, right-click its icon, point to Bitdefender SafeBox and select Remove from Bitdefender SafeBox. A confirmation window will appear. Click Yes to stop SafeBox from managing the folder.

Note: removing a folder from SafeBox does not delete the remote folder, it only removes the link between the local folder and the remote folder. This means that you can always be able to restore deleted files.

3. Restoring files deleted from SafeBox

Once a folder is added to SafeBox, Bitdefender keeps track of all the modifications made in that folder. This allows you to restore files deleted from a local SafeBox folder and to recover previous versions of files you modified over time.

To restore the files that were deleted from a SafeBox folder, right-click the folder icon or anywhere inside the folder, point to Bitdefender SafeBox and select Restore deleted files. This will restore the latest versions of all the files deleted from the folder.

To restore a single file to a certain version, follow these steps:

*Right-click the file.
 *Point to Bitdefender SafeBox and select View previous versions.
 *A list of points in time when the file was modified is displayed. Select the version you want to restore.
 *Click Recover to....
 *Select the folder where you want to restore the file and click OK.

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