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How to manually update Bitdefender Security for Exchange Servers 2007 / 2010

Bitdefender Security for Exchange safeguards your organizations critical messaging services to protect against email-borne viruses, spyware and spam. Integrating seamlessly with Microsoft® Exchange Server, Bitdefender Security for Exchange combines malware protection, antispam, antiphishing, and content filtering technologies to increase productivity and ensure the overall integrity of your email platforms.

In many organizations, isolated networks (without any connection to the internet) will need signature and product updates for their Bitdefender product in order to keep their network protected and updated.  Bitdefender understands this need and provides a product-oriented list of offline product and signature updates, based on your installed product.  As network security is very important, Bitdefender also provides weekly-based updated packages (signature packages), as well as cumulative-based updated packages (product and signature packages).

This article provides instructions for successfully update the malware signatures and software using the package for Bitdefender Security for Exchange version 3.5 running on Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and 2010 (x86 or x64)

In order to manually update Bitdefender for Exchange you will be using package as follows:

         1.  Download the update package and save it locally on the computer when prompted
         2.  Stop the antivirus protection by opening the Bitdefender Exchange Console, click the Antivirus tab in the tree menu, clear the checkbox next to Enable real-time antivirus scanning and click Apply
         3.  Open the services snap-in by following the steps Start->Run-> (type) services.msc 
         4.  Stop the Microsoft Exchange Transport Service
         5.  Stop the Microsoft Information Store Service
         6.  Stop the Bitdefender Antivirus Scanning Service. Right-click Bitdefender Antivirus Scanning Service and select Stop. The following services should also stop: Bitdefender Exchange Connector, Bitdefender Mail Scanning Service and Bitdefender File Scanning Service. If this does not happen, stop these services one by one
         7.  Copy the update files. Go to C:\\Program Files\\Bitdefender\\Bitdefender for Windows Servers Services\\Bitdefender Threat Scanner\\ and locate the most recent Engines folder (the word "Engines" will be followed by date stamp in the folder name. Eg: Engines__2011_05_23_07_58_19\\). Extract the content of the archive in the Plugins folder and accept overwriting existing files.

        8.  Start Bitdefender Exchange Connector. Right-click on the Bitdefender Exchange Connector and select Start. The following services should also start: Bitdefender Antivirus Scanning Service, Bitdefender Mail Scanning Service and Bitdefender File Scanning Service. If this does not happen, start these services one by one
        9.  Also, start the following services: Bitdefender Statistics Service, Bitdefender Scheduler Service, Bitdefender Update Service v2, Bitdefender NP Enterprise Manager Service, Bitdefender Management Agent Service (if present).
       10.  Start the Microsoft Information Store Service.
       11.  Start the Microsoft Exchange Transport Service.

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