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How to manage files and folders from Bitdefender Safebox using MyBitdefender

From now, you can access your favorite photos, documents and music from any terminal in the world with an active internet connection.

This can be done from your Bitdefender Account with 2 clicks.

- From any computer or device you can use your MyBitdefender credentials to access the following link:

- Enter your credentials (email and password) and click Login

- Under Services, access the Safebox service

 MyBitdefender account allows you to:

 * Download or upload files using a computer where you did not install Bitdefender Safebox.

From the Files and folders tab go to Actions and choose Download option next to the folder you want to download.
You can also click on New Folder to upload files on the remote server.

 * Restore files that have been deleted using the Recycle Bin tab, by choosing the restore option from the Actions menu

 * Remove files permanently.

In order to do that you need to make sure you first remove the files either from your PC or from the Files and Folders tab, by choosing the Delete option from the Actions menu.

Once the files are removed, go to the Recycle Bin tab and permanently remove them using the Deletee option from the Actions menu.

 * Access a log of your activity on Bitdefender Safebox from the History tab.

 * Upgrade your online space

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