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How to install Bitdefender protection on Endpoints

Cloud Security for Endpoints is intended for workstations, laptops and servers running on Microsoft® Windows. To protect your computers with Cloud Security for Endpoints, you must install Endpoint Client (the client software) on each of them. Endpoint Client manages protection on the local computer.

There are two installation methods:

  • Manual installation. Use the installation link from your Cloud Security Console account to download and install Endpoint Client locally on individual computers. Manual installation is wizard-guided.
  • Remote automatic installation. Once installed on a computer, Endpoint Client uses Windows Network Discovery to automatically detect unprotected computers in the local network. The Cloud Security for Endpoints protection can then be installed on those computers remotely from the console. Remote installation is performed in the background, without the user knowing about it.

1. Manual installation can be done using an existing link in Cloud Security Console. To obtain the download link for manual installation:

  • Connect to Cloud Security Console using your account.
  • Go to the Computers > Installation Area page.
  • If you manage several company accounts, you will be prompted to choose a company. The link is account specific so that computers are correctly assigned to their company account after installation. Select the desired company from the list and click Select.
  • If you want to, you can configure the installation options by clicking Customize Package.
  • To view the link, click the Link button and choose View. Use the link to download a small installation file, which then you can run on the local computer to install protection. You can also copy the file on external storage media and run it on other computers.
  • Another option is to send users within the organization's network email invites with the installation link, asking them to download and install protection on their computer. To email the link, click the Link button and choose Send by Email.

To manually install protection on an endpoint:

  • Use the installation link to download a small installation file on the computer.
  • Locate the downloaded installation file and double-click it. This will initiate the download of the installation files, which may take a while, depending on your Internet connection.Next, follow the wizard.
  • Please read the License Agreement and select Agree & Continue. The License Agreement contains the terms and conditions for using Cloud Security for Endpoints.
  • The installer will check the system for other security software. If an incompatible antivirus program is detected, you will be prompted to remove it from your system.
  • You can check the installation options configured by the administrator. Click Next to begin installation.
  • Wait for the installation to complete. Critical areas on your system are scanned for viruses, the latest versions of the application files are downloaded and installed, and the Bitdefender services are started. This step can take a couple of minutes.

2. Remote automatic Installation is an automatic process with the following steps:

  • Connect to Cloud Security Console using your account.
  • Install protection manually on one computer in the network. Wait a few minutes after installation while Endpoint Client detects unprotected computers.
  • Go to the Computers > View Computers page.
  • Choose a company network using the menu or link available to the right of the menu bar.
  • Click the Show menu located above the table (to the left) and choose Unmanaged Computers.
  • If you have organized computers into groups, select the desired group from the left-side pane. To view all of your computers, right-click the root group and choose View all computers.
  • Select the check boxes corresponding to the computers on which you want to install protection.
  • Click Tasks and choose Install from the menu. The Installation Options window will appear.
  • Configure the installation options.

In case the Bitdefender Endpoint Client detects an older Bitdefender product, the installation will automatically uninstall the present one. In case the target endpoints contains a different anvirus application, the installation will be aborted and you will be announced in the Cloud Security Console.

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