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How to fix "Bitdefender Installation has failed" OR "Fatal error during installation"

If you receive one of the above mentioned error messages while trying to install Bitdefender 2015 please follow the guidelines below:

A. Make sure your computer meets the minimal system requirements to install Bitdefender. You can find the Bitdefender system requirements in our article here.

B. Use our dedicated uninstall tool to remove any previous Bitdefender related files. Download the tool from here.

C. Download the Bitdefender 2015 full installation installation kits. You can find all the installation kits, in our installation article, here:

D. Right click on the Bitdefender installation kit and choose Properties. If you are seeing the Unblock button in the bottom right corner please click on it, then click Apply and OK and try again to install Bitdefender.



E. Now you can reinstall Bitdefender (right click on the Bitdefender installation file > Run as administrator)

If you are using Windows XP, you can just double-click on the installation file.


NOTE: If the situation still persists after the above steps, please contact our technical department and send us this log.

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