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How to configure the Bayesian filter

Bitdefender Security for Mail Servers protects Windows or UNIX-based mail servers for known and unknown security threats with award winning proactive antivirus, antispyware, antispam, antiphishing, content and attachment filtering technologies. The solution secures organizations email services and provides increased productivity by blocking spam and providing common centralized management tools.

In order to configure the Bayesian filter you need to follow the steps below:

         1.  Obtain the email samples for training purposes - please note that our product supports training from .eml format only. Thus please make sure that you save the email messages accordingly. Additionally make sure that you split the messages into two different folders for the mentioned categories (legitimate and spam);

         2.  Open Bitdefender and click Antispam;

         3.  Click Policies - you can either create a new policy for the bayesian filter or use an existing one;

         4.  Click Properties;

         5.  Go to the Bayesian Filter tab and check Enable Bayesian Filter;

         6.  Make sure to specify the paths to the folders containing the legitimate messages (HAM folder) and spam messages (SPAM folder) accordingly;

         7.  Provide the training interval in the corresponding edit box. The training interval needs to be high enough to allow the Bayesian filter to finish the training process without impacting on the overall server performance. The recommended time interval is 60 minutes;

         8.  Click OK.

How to configure the Bayesian filter

We strongly recommend to train the bayesian filter periodically. As soon as the filter has finished the training the email samples will be automatically deleted.
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