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Cloud Security for Endpoints Updates (July-August 2012)

Cloud Security for Endpoints by Bitdefender protects systems using security technology that has been rated number one time and time again. It does not require on-site server hardware and maintenance as it is managed by Cloud Security Console, a powerful and intuitive interface to a solution that can scale to defend any number of systems, no matter where they are located.

This article provides information on the new features, improvements and bug fixes introduced by the Cloud Security for Endpoints updates released in late July and early August 2012.

  • Cloud Security Console update on August 9 (instantly available for all users)
  • Endpoint Client update on July 19 (delivered via product updates for existing installations and via updated installation packages for new installations)

New Features and Improvements

For Cloud Security Console:

  • Automatic detection and scanning of external storage devices (CDs/DVDs, USB storage devices, mapped network drives). When Endpoint Client detects that such a device has been connected to the computer, it prompts the user to scan it or it automatically starts the scan (depending on alert pop-ups setting). Settings are configurable via policy from the Antimalware > On-demand section.
  • Email notification templates have been updated.
  • Conditions for sending outbreak alerts have been changed. Outbreak alerts are now sent whenever the percentage of computers found infected in the network in the last 6/24 hours exceeds the alert threshold (default 25%). Threshold can be changed from the Settings icon of the Notifications dashboard portlet.
  • Partners can now see in reports the company the computers belong to.

For Endpoint Client:

  • Automatic detection and scanning of external storage devices (CDs/DVDs, USB storage devices, mapped network drives). Endpoint Client detects and scans external storage devices when they are connected to the computer based on Cloud Security Console policy settings.

Bug Fixes

For Cloud Security Console:

  • Time set for scheduled update in the General > Update policy section is no longer reset when re-accessing the policy.

For Endpoint Client:

  • Fixed issue with asterisk (*) wildcard not working correctly when following a slash (/) in Web Control rules. For example, before the fix, when adding a rule with Block permission for address*, access to was not blocked.
  • Fixed issue with Endpoint Client user interface reporting status protected when the protection service (epcsrv.exe) was stopped.
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