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Bitdefender PC Lifetime Edition

Bitdefender PC Lifetime Edition provides comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware, hackers, and other common threats that can lead to identity theft, loss of personal data and slow system performance throughout the lifetime of your system.

To help you better understand the product you purchased and answer to some of your questions, we have prepared a few frequently asked questions:

What happens if I upgrade my computer hardware?

You may upgrade your computer hardware without affecting Bitdefender PC Lifetime Edition.

However, changing a system component, such as the motherboard may affect the product.

What happens if I make modifications to my computer software?

You may change or reinstall your operating system. You may even install or remove your Bitdefender product as many times as you wish (on the same computer). This will not affect your Bitdefender PC Lifetime Edition.

What should I do if my computer is lost or stolen?

If your computer is lost or stolen, we are ready to help you.

Simply contact us so that we may assist you in reinstalling the product on the new system.

On how many computers can I install Bitdefender PC Lifetime Edition?

Bitdefender PC Lifetime Edition can be used for the entire lifetime of one computer.

Can I transfer Bitdefender PC Lifetime Edition from one computer to another?

Bitdefender PC Lifetime Edition has been designed to be used on one computer.

Since the product license key is tied to the computer where it’s first installed, it cannot be transferred to another computer.

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