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Bitdefender Deployment Tool errors messages

Bitdefender Deployment Tool is an independent component that helps you automatically install, remove or repair Bitdefender products on remote network computers. This tool also enables you to create unattended installation packages for use on offline computers (or when remote installation fails).

You can use Deployment Tool in the following situations:

  • to remotely deploy Bitdefender Management Agent (or a Bitdefender client product) on the network computers that are not automatically detected by Bitdefender Management Server;

Note: Only the computers in the same broadcast domain as the Bitdefender Management Server computer are automatically detected;

  • to automatically repair or remove Bitdefender Management Agent or Bitdefender client products installed on remote network computers;
  • to create unattended installation packages, which will be used to install Bitdefender Management Agent and Bitdefender client products on offline computers (or when remote installation fails);

During deployment process you might receive certain error messages that can be solved by following the below steps:

Bitdefender Management Server

In addition to the above error messages, you might receive the following messages:

Log off network - The computer is turned off or it does not respond to ping command as being behind a firewall;

Could not deliver the package - No network provider accepted the given network path;

Check the following:

  • File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks is disabled.
  • Server service is stopped on the remote machine.
  • Workstation service is stopped on the local machine.
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