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Bitdefender Client critical update

The update replaces the file and registry monitoring drivers with a newer version. All users of Bitdefender Clients updating from a local update server are required to reconfigure their local update servers in order to support the changes.

The following steps must be performed:

  1. Open Bitdefender Update Server wizard and perform an update of the Update Server.

    In this step, the Update Server downloads the latest version of the list of products.

  2. Reconfigure Update Server.

    Make sure to select all the Bitdefender products that are updating from this server.

  3. Perform a second update of the Update Server.
  4. Open Management Console and run the "Update Clients" task to force an immediate update of the clients.

Asking for assistance

If the situation persists, contact the support service and provide the following information:

  • From the local update server, obtain the files updprod.ini and bdupdsvr.ini stored in the folder %ProgramFiles%\Softwin\Bitdefender Enterprise Manager\Bitdefender Update Server\.
  • From the client, obtain the file live.ini stored in the folder %ProgramFiles%\Softwin\Bitdefender8\.
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