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How to deploy Bitdefender Management Agent in your network

Bitdefender Client Security is an easy to use business security and management solution, which delivers superior proactive protection from viruses, spyware, rootkits, spam, phishing and other malware. It offers the following components: Bitdefender Management Server (with/without add-on), Bitdefender Local Update Server, Bitdefender Business Client and Bitdefender Management Agent;

Bitdefender Client Security
is a network security solution aimed at all types of businesses. Four main components are of interest for the deployment:
  • Bitdefender Management Server, which allows you to centrally manage the Bitdefender security solutions in your network;
  • Bitdefender Management Console, which is the graphical interface of Bitdefender Management Server.
  • Bitdefender Management Agent, the local management component installed on all managed computers, which ensures communication between the managed computers and Bitdefender Management Server;
  • Bitdefender Business Client, which protects workstations against a wide range of security threats. If you also want to protect servers and manage their protection, you must add support for the Bitdefender server security solutions.

Bitdefender Management Server comes with several built-in tools that help you easily deploy the Bitdefender clients across the entire network, manage deployments and check deployment status and result.

1. Bitdefender Automatic Deployment

Automatic Deployment allows Bitdefender Management Server to automatically deploy Bitdefender Management Agent and Bitdefender Business Client on newly detected computers. This tool is very useful in keeping the network managed by Bitdefender Management Server up to date with the changes in the physical network, after the initial deployment and configuration. By default, Automatic Deployment is disabled. Bitdefender Management Agent will be deployed only on the computers detected after enabling Automatic Deployment. For a quick overview of this process, check the below online video tutorial.

2. Bitdefender Deployment Tool

Deployment Tool helps you automatically install, remove or repair Bitdefender products on remote network computers. This tool also enables you to create unattended installation packages for use on offline computers (or when remote installation fails). For a quick overview of this process, check the below online video tutorial.

3. Bitdefender Quick Deployment

This tutorial shows how to deploy the agent by using the "deploy on this computer" option available under the right click menu of an unmanaged computer.

4. Bitdefender Network Builder Tool

Network Builder helps you easily organize the network computers into a manageable structure and deploy Bitdefender Management Agent on selected computers. Using Network Builder, you can drag&drop the detected network computers (those displayed in the Unmanaged Computers group) or the computers imported from Active Directory in the Excluded Computers or Managed Computers group. After organizing the network computers, you can apply changes and deploy Bitdefender Management Agent on the computers that you have moved into the Managed Computers group.

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