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What to do when encountering a technical issue on Bitdefender for Mac? (How to generate a BDProfiler log)

There are very rare situations when Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac encounters issues that are impeding the product to work as designed. In these cases we need to perform certain steps, to see why the product’s functions are not performing as they should.

In order to troubleshoot and solve any issues that may appear with Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac on your system, every user who submits a request to the Customer Care Department should provide us with the following:

  • detailed description of the issue you are encountering
  • screenshot (if applicable) of the exact error message that appears (How to take a screenshot)
  • BDProfiler log


To generate a BDProfiler log, you will have to:

1. Download the BDProfiler tool from this location.

2. Open the Downloads folder.

3. Right-click on BDProfiler.tool and select Open .


4. If you are prompted with the message displayed below, simply click on Open.

NOTE: If you are prompted to Get XCode, you can cancel that notification. XCode is not necessary for BDProfiler tool to run.


5. It will open a Terminal window and it will ask you if you want to provide the administrator password. The answer should be "Y" in order to continue the process.

6. After entering the password, please let it run for a couple of minutes until you will see written: Process Completed.

NOTE: You won’t get feedback when you type in the password. Type it and press Enter/Return . Dont worry if you receive the message Sorry, try again. You probably missed a character. Retype the password and press Return/Enter.

7. Reply back to us (via the open ticket you have) by sending the file: that was generated on your desktop as an attachment to the e-mail.

NOTE: If you only have a file named “alaa.plist” instead of, it means the process was incomplete. Try again to generate the log.

Can't find a solution for your problem? Open an email ticket and we will answer the question or concern in the shortest time possible.

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