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How to clean infected Temporary Files

A. Use an advanced temporary file cleaner such as TFC:
  1. Save and extract the TFC tool to a location of your choice:
  2. Make sure you close all active applications and run "TFC.exe"

  3. Select the "Start" button from the left and allow the application to run uninterrupted;

   - You MUST be logged on as an administrator to use this utility;
   - While cleaning the temp files all open applications will be closed and the desktop will disappear;
   - When finished, if any files need to be removed by a reboot you will be asked to reboot. Otherwise the desktop will be restored.

B. Manual remove files in Safe Mode
   1. Note down the locations of the infected files that could not be cleaned;

   2. Reboot the PC in Safe Mode - check this article for step by step instructions

   3. Display hidden files and folders - check this article for step by step instructions
      Note: if you cannot find Folder Options
      For Windows XP: you can either try to switch Control Panel to classic view or open MyComputer > from the top menu bar click on Tools > Folder Options…
      For Windows Vista/7: you can either change “View by” to Small/Large icons instead of Category or open Computer > press alt from your keyboard > now from the top menu bar click on Tools > Folder Options.

   4. Browse to the respective location(s) and delete the file(s)
   5. Reboot in Normal Mode

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