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Security for Amazon Web Services

Bitdefender Security for AWS is a security solution designed for the Amazon cloud infrastructure and integrated with the GravityZone Cloud Console. Bitdefender Security for AWS is built for virtualization, offers flexible pricing, and scales to your size and needs for optimal return on investment.

Key Features
  • Hosted scanning services - Scanning is offloaded to Amazon-hosted security servers for each protected cloud machine
  • Best protection – cloud security from the best-rated security vendor in independent tests
  • Pay-as-you-grow licensing
  • Lightweight security footprint
  • Highly optimized scanning technologies
  • Friendly, easy-to-use integrated management console
Key Benefits
  • Improves performance through minimal resource use and offloaded scanning processes
  • Scales instantly – add as many instances as you need any time with just a few clicks
  • Reduces administrative effort - easily manage your instances from an easy-to-use cloud console
  • Scans quickly as it focuses only on the part of the program that might contain malicious code

Case Studies


Best Cloud Computing Solution


Bitdefender Security as a Service for AWS

Shaun Donaldson speaks about Bitdefender Security-as-a-Service for Amazon Web Services:
highly scalable antimalware protection for AWS, billed by the hour.

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Security in the Cloud is a joint effort. Amazon Web Services manages security of the cloud, while security in the cloud is the customer’s responsibility. Bitdefender helps you be compliant in the shared responsibility model and build your customers’ trust.

Security for Amazon Licensing

1. Direct payment with credit card. Manage your own instances and pay for only what you need, when you need it, so your business can grow with us. 2. Using a Cloud Service Provider that manages the instances lets you find the right configuration via flexible licensing and monthly payment.
Instance type Price per hour
Small $0.005
Medium $0.010
Large $0.025
X-Large $0.060
2xLarge $0.060
4xLarge $0.060
8xLarge $0.060
Bitdefender Instance Size AWS Instance Type - Current generation AWS Instance Type - Current generation (Newly-added instance families) AWS Instance Type - Previous generation
Small t2.micro t2.nano m1.small
t2.small - t1.micro
Medium t2.medium - m1.medium
m3.medium - c1.medium
Large m3.large t2.large m1.large
c4.large m4.large -
c3.large - -
r3.large - -
X-Large m3.xlarge d2.xlarge m1.xlarge
c4.xlarge m4.xlarge -
c3.xlarge - c1.xlarge
r3.xlarge - m2.xlarge
i2.xlarge - -
m3.2xlarge d2.xlarge m1.xlarge
c4.xlarge m4.xlarge -
c3.xlarge - c1.xlarge
r3.xlarge - m2.xlarge
i2.xlarge - -
m3.2xlarge d2.2xlarge m2.2xlarge
c4.2xlarge m4.2xlarge -
c3.2xlarge - -
r3.2xlarge - -
i2.2xlarge - -
g2.2xlarge - -
c4.4xlarge d2.4xlarge cg1.4xlarge
c3.4xlarge m4.4xlarge m2.4xlarge
r3.4xlarge - hi1.4xlarge
i2.4xlarge - cc1.4xlarge
c4.8xlarge d2.8xlarge cc2.8xlarge
c3.8xlarge - cr1.8xlarge
r3.8xlarge - -
i2.8xlarge - -
hs1.8xlarge - -
- m4.10xlarge -
- p2.xlarge -
- p2.8xlarge -

OS Coverage and System Requirements

  • OS Coverage

    Minimal system demands

    Bitdefender Security for AWS is designed to address performance needs specific
    to cloud environments with low-impact, lightweight antimalware.

    Guest Operating Systems
    • Windows Server 2012 / Windows Server 2012 R2
    • Windows Server 2008 / Windows Server 2008 R2
    • Windows Server 2003 / Windows Server 2003 R2
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux / CentOS 5.6 or higher
    • Ubuntu 10.04 LTS or higher
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 or higher
    • OpenSUSE 11 or higher
    • Fedora 15 or higher
  • System Requirements

    Control Center Web Console Requirements

    To access the Control Center web console, the following are required:

    • Internet Explorer 9+, Mozilla Firefox 14+, Google Chrome 15+, Safari 5+
      Recommended screen resolution: 1024x768 or higher