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07 July 2020

Bitdefender, a leading global cybersecurity company protecting over 500 million systems worldwide, is excited to announce Human Risk Analytics, an innovative addition to GravityZone that bolsters the weakest link in any organization’s defense – the human element.

People are the most valuable resource of an organization, but people are also prone to mistakes that create vulnerabilities. The global pandemic showed that attackers will not hesitate to use people’s fears and need for information and craft attacks that target the human element of digital ecosystems.

GravityZone now leverages Human Risk Analytics to analyze user actions and identify behaviors that pose a security risk to the organization and to the user himself. This enhances the Risk Analytics Engine and enables a comprehensive view of an organization’s real security posture – including the users themselves, a traditional blind spot for cyberdefense. The Risk Scores allow security administrators to pinpoint systems and users with higher risk exposure, and take precise actions to mitigate risks without imposing indiscriminate restrictions across the environment.

In the latest evolution, GravityZone also gains in the areas of Security Controls, with a Ransomware Mitigation module that acts as a new layer to help customers dodge the impact of advanced ransomware attacks through real-time file backups.

Also, to address advanced security needs constrained by regulations to operate on-premises security solutions, the cloud-native Endpoint Detection and Response are ported as a module for GravityZone on-premises.

“With these newest additions, GravityZone has grown into a platform fully capable of looking after the entire enterprise cyber space,” said Andrei Pisau, Sr. Director of Product Management, Bitdefender Enterprise Solutions. “We give organizations the tools to thoroughly understand risk exposure and to stop advanced threats that might affect them at any level: endpoint, network, cloud – and human.”