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Top Protection against Java Exploits with Bitdefender Reinforced Malware Detection

September 2012

Java exploits cease to pose a threat with the most advanced antivirus technologies


Bitdefender®, the award-winning provider of the most innovative and advanced antivirus solutions, has reinforced Java exploit detection and eliminates the threat of the headline-making dangerous applets.

The Java exploit that made headlines this month infected users with malware when they clicked on websites packed with dangerous Java applets. Bitdefender Java.Exploit.CVE-2012-4681.F detection instantly blocks the applets, making the malware impossible to be installed on users’ devices.

One of the most threatening features the Java vulnerability exploited was the ability to write files and execute them on users’ devices. Hackers were also able to add other permissions with the help of the exploit, changing the applet’s rights on the infected computers.

“Through exhaustive updates, Bitdefender antivirus software keeps users in a protective cocoon, allowing them to safely browse the Internet with any Java applet without the fear of malware or other e-threats,” said Bitdefender Chief Security Researcher Catalin Cosoi. “It’s important that users always keep their security software updated, as new threats may emerge anytime, and our specialists work 24 hours a day to detect and block malware attempts.”

According to Bitdefender Labs, dealing with new exploits means not only detecting and blocking specific malware, but also figuring out its capabilities and the way it reaches users’ devices.

Bitdefender security suites not only guarantee full anti-malware protection, but also antispam and antiphishing shelter with minimum resource discharge, and unobtrusive running.