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Spybot Anti-Spyware Partners with Bitdefender to Create Spybot +AV

June 2013

New product to fight malware and spyware, streamline computer performance

Bitdefender, the creator of innovative industry-leading antivirus software solutions, and Safer-Networking Ltd, the maker of the award-winning Search & Destroy antispyware, have joined their specialties in a new product that offers elite defense against both spyware and malware.

As data privacy, data theft and other online crime increasingly becomes an everyday threat in computer users’ lives, the new Spybot +AV software integrates Bitdefender’s cutting-edge antivirus engine into Safer-Networking’s antispyware for an effective all-around defense. While enhancing protection for customers, Spybot +AV streamlines computer performance and eliminates software conflicts that arise from maintaining antispyware and antivirus on the same machine.

“Bitdefender brings a whole new level of protection to our customers,” says Alec Darragh, chief operations officer of Safer-Networking. “We now have a product that is not only industry-leading in fighting spyware, but #1 in fighting all other forms of malicious software as well. Besides enhanced protection, Spybot +AV enhances convenience for users, who have all the online security they need with just one product.”

“Bitdefender welcomes the partnership with Safer-Networking, one of the pioneers of the anti-spyware industry,” says Peter Laakkonen, Bitdefender's General Manager of OEM and Technology Licensing. “Combining Safer-Networking’s anti-spyware expertise with Bitdefender’s industry-leading anti-malware technology will create a powerful solution to protect users against all kinds of e-threats.”

As part of a comprehensive defense against all forms of malware, Spybot +AV adds on-demand virus scanning and live anti-virus updates. The new product also incorporates multi-language support, a more intuitive interface, an improved Rootkit scan, faster scan speeds and more.


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About Safer Networking

Safer Networking started as a program to protect the right to a person's privacy on the Internet. The Internet grew rapidly resulting in the development of Spybot – Search and Destroy program. As malware and spyware increased, so did the community of volunteers to help non business users with information to help protect their privacy. To make a financial contribution, please click here