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Spoken Spam for Penny Stocks Hits the Net

October 2007

BUCHAREST, Romania October 19, 2007 BitDefender, a global provider of award-winning antivirus software and data security solutions, announced today spam emails for penny stocks containing mp3 files have started spreading over the internet.

Stock spam seems to have taken a technical turn for the bizarre with the advent of mp3 spam. This new wave of spam e-mails, detected by BitDefender today, contains mp3-encoded recordings of a synthesized voice promoting penny stocks. The mp3 attachments come with names like "gloria estefan" or "say your name, presumably to entice recipients into opening them.

According to BitDefender antivirus researchers, the spam e-mails seem to originate with the same person or group responsible for the earlier spat of PDF stock spam.

"The volume of such spam seems to be low for the moment, so this is probably a "trial run" to gauge the effectiveness of the new technique, declared BitDefender spam analyst Andra Miloiu. For the moment, we have the problem well contained, having added signatures for this spam type as well as blocking the relevant IP addresses.