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New VB 100% Certification for BitDefender

June 2005

Professional Plus was granted the VB 100%

BitDefender Professional Plus was granted the VB 100% certification in the June Edition of the prestigious Virus Bulletin magazine. This certification stands for a 100% detection rate for viruses which are on the Virus Bulletin wildlist (i.e. considered by Virus Bulletin to be actively spreading).

The BitDefender engines outperformed themselves yet again in the "zoo" part of the comparative test (the part which deals with viruses which for some reason or another, are not in the wild), scoring over 99% in all three zoo test suites.

"This is a great piece of news for BitDefender users, because it confirms that our efforts aimed at improving BitDefender 8 have not gone to waste. I would like to commend the development and virus research teams for another mission accomplished," declared BitDefender CTO Bogdan Dumitru.