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Microsoft recognizes the competence of the Romanian antivirus experts

June 2003

BitDefender offers preferential prices for RAV customers

BitDefender offers preferential prices for the RAV Antivirus clients

BitDefender, an award-winning provider of security software and services, today announces a reconsideration of the strategy regarding the BitDefender antivirus solutions, after the recent acquisition by Microsoft of the main competitor on the Linux Mail Servers antivirus market.

BitDefender becomes the only antivirus in Romania, but especially one of the few in the world that has the ability to provide adapted antivirus solutions and services into the Linux Mail Servers market, thanks to its multiplatform scanning engine. Moreover, BitDefender doesn't just use signature-based technologies in order to detect malware, so its behavior-based, preventive technologies should allow its quick and good adaptation to the market trends and evolution.

"Our strategic decision is to offer to all RAV Antivirus clients an available alternative, with preferential prices both for BitDefender products and services and a flexible pricing policy, allowing domain licensing", declares Mr. Daniel Ionescu, Data Security Division Manager in SOFTWIN. "The direct competition on the local market between GeCAD and SOFTWIN during the last 7 years helped both companies develop antivirus technologies at similar level and both internationally acknowledged. I appreciate that according to SOFTWIN strategy, the migration of an important side of the RAV clients to BitDefender will be completed in the following 3 to 6 months" concluded Mr. Daniel Ionescu.

"We are proud that Romania has now proved to be one of the most important providers of security and services at global level. This has confirmed once again, if that that was still necessary, the competence of the Romanian specialists in the IT field." Mr. Talpes, the president of SOFTWIN asserted. "The selling of technology or of proprietary brands is not our medium-term strategy. For the moment we are focusing on the increasing of the company value" Mr. Talpes concluded.

The RAV Antivirus clients benefit from an exceptional offer, namely 60% off the price list for BitDefender Antivirus for Linux Mail Servers. For RAV partners, the BitDefender team proposes to offer free trainings, support in tenders, access to technical and commercial know-how and also the same certification for the three levels of partnership: (Bronze, Silver, Gold Partner), each with specific features.

BitDefender solutions for Linux Mail Servers start from USD 198.95 per domain and can be bought from the BitDefender website or by contacting BitDefender partners.