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Ex-RAV distributor - RAE Internet - to distribute BitDefender AntiVirus Solutions in the US

August 2003

BitDefender and RAE Internet announce the closing of a distribution agreement, appointing RAE Internet as the US distributor of BitDefender Antivirus Solutions.

BitDefender, a leading provider of data security solutions and services and RAE Internet, provider of antivirus, antispam and Linux Groupware products, announce the closing of a distribution agreement, appointing RAE Internet as the US distributor of BitDefender Antivirus Solutions.

Since October 2001, RAE Internet has been the sole distributor for RAV AntiVirus suite in the US. Supporting hundreds of ISP's ranging from local ISP's businesses up to national CLEC's, the need for a solid range of antivirus protection products was to become the main focus point. After a long term collaboration with GeCAD, based on RAV products distribution, RAE Internet expanded considerably its reseller distribution market: at the moment, they count on a multi-state system all over US territory. Since recent events announcing Microsoft acquisition of RAV technologies, RAE Internet began a large quest for other antivirus vendors that could offer top-level antivirus solutions for their customers.

"We have always believed that every delicate situation is adjustable. Furthermore, our experience has taught us the high probability of finding a reasonable way out of difficult moments and challenging problems. In this one time issue, we were pleased to learn that BitDefender can provide us with the necessary multi-platform technologies and also with permanent services able to meet our customers' security needs. With BitDefender, we found an understanding and dependable partner and we are certainly looking forward to an excellent collaboration" stated Michael Katz, President of RAE Internet.

Considering the particular circumstances entailed by RAV leaving antivirus international markets, BitDefender manifested its complete understanding and support for all affected clients through a competitive upgrade offer.

In a recent interview of Mr. Florin Talpes, the SOFTWIN's CEO, published by "The Inquirer", he affirmed: "We intend to cover the empty place left by RAV into that market, so we will continue to offer RAV clients and partners special conditions, even better than those they had from RAV. We decided to offer a 60% cut-off from our Linux-based antivirus solutions for all RAV Antivirus customers, including full technical support and updates for one year". "Security software producers will enhance their products and add new features, for providing added-value security products on Windows platforms. BitDefender will run into this direction. Same time we shall see in the next years strong security products on Linux platforms and maybe similar moves concerning the Linux, to include some basic security technology. IBM, HP, major Linux "fans" could be the drivers for this move in the Linux world. That means, aside the eventually next acquisitions in the Linux world, we shall see a similar move (adding powerful security features to the products) also in the Linux world. BitDefender will run also into this direction", Mr. Talpes concluded.

"We are proud to announce that we have closed recently distribution agreements with many of the former GeCAD partners. Among them, RAE Internet is probably the most important. I have followed the evolution of their partnership with GeCAD for the past 2 years and I know that RAE has contributed a lot to RAV's success. I am confident we can reproduce this success story through a continuous commitment from both sides. We are able to deliver valuable solutions for various platforms and RAE Internet has the skills and know-how to propose them to various ranges of customers" noted Horatiu Bandoiu, BitDefender Partnership Manager.