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Cellebrite Partners with Bitdefender to Deliver Comprehensive Joint Mobile Malware Detection with Mobile Forensics

December 2012

Law enforcement, military, intelligence and corporate security customers can now leverage award-winning anti-virus technology to detect malware during mobile forensics examinations


Bitdefender®, the award-winning provider of innovative antivirus solutions, today announced a partnership with Cellebrite, the leading provider of mobile forensic solutions. The partnership integrates Bitdefender’s #1 ranked security software into Cellebrite products used by police departments, military forces and corporate security professionals in more than 60 countries.

With mobile malware increasing by 1000% in the last year and major law enforcement agencies warning of Android™ and BlackBerry® cyber-attacks , the partnership between Bitdefender and Cellebrite reinforces technological breakthroughs in the forensic industry. Bitdefender’s antimalware technology has been implemented in Cellebrite’s UFED Physical Analyzer software to analyze physical and file system extractions and provide a comprehensive malware report.

The integrated solution will help investigators conducting forensic examinations to pinpoint whether undetected malware aided the commission of crimes. For example, fraud investigators will be able to see whether mobile malware was used to ex-filtrate and exploit bank account and credit card information, or even commit security fraud. Law enforcement can tell whether mobile spyware is being used to perpetrate harassment and stalking, while corporate security professionals will be able to examine mobile devices for evidence of theft of trade secrets or intellectual property.

“No competing product has an integrated antivirus solution like Bitdefender,” said Ron Serber, Cellebrite co-CEO. “By integrating the mobile malware detection of the world’s premier antivirus software, our advanced forensics products now enable our customers to better identify and analyze potentially infected mobile devices.”

“We are proud that Cellebrite chose Bitdefender’s award-winning anti-malware technology to power their industry-leading mobile forensics solutions for law enforcement, intelligence and corporate security,” said Peter Laakkonen, Bitdefender’s General Manager of OEM and Technology Licensing. “Our partnership with Cellebrite will build up a higher security and establish a new bar for forensics solutions globally.”


About Cellebrite®

Founded in 1999, Cellebrite is a global company known for its technological breakthroughs in the cellular industry. A world leader and authority in mobile data technology, Cellebrite established its mobile forensics division in 2007, with the Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED). Cellebrite’s range of mobile forensic products, UFED Series, enable the bit-for-bit extraction and in-depth decoding and analysis of data from thousands of mobile devices, including feature phones, smartphones, portable GPS devices, tablets and phones manufactured with Chinese chipsets.

Cellebrite’s UFED Series is the prime choice of forensic specialists in law enforcement, military, intelligence, corporate security and eDiscovery agencies in more than 60 countries. Cellebrite was named one of SC Magazine’s 2012 Industry Innovators in Analysis and Testing, and the UFED is winner of the Forensic 4cast Phone Forensic Hardware of the Year for four years running.

Cellebrite is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sun Corporation, a listed Japanese company (6736/JQ).