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BitDefender re-invents safe browsing with TrafficLight Beta

March 2011

TrafficLight is a real-time anti-virus and anti-phishing web scanner.

 BitDefender®, an award-winning provider of innovative internet security solutions, is taking a new approach to safe browsing with today’s launch of TrafficLight, a real-time anti-virus and anti-phishing web scanner that, unlike most web safety solutions, is not a browser toolbar and does not rely on users to rate visited pages.


TrafficLight is browser-independent software that filters web traffic and "talks" to the user via the semaphore-like cues it inserts in visited web pages, signaling how safe it is to follow a given link. TrafficLight does not take up screen real-estate otherwise - the configuration interface can be called up with a simple mouse gesture, but normally stays hidden.


TrafficLight uses the BitDefender scanning engines to check and rate every page and link from the users' web traffic, blocking unsafe content before it reaches the user's browser - whichever that may be.


"With TrafficLight, BitDefender is taking browser security by storm,” said  BitDefender CTO Bogdan Dumitru. “BitDefender saw early on in development that the usual approach of letting the browser load and render webpages by itself is not very safe, as it may be too late to deal with the results when a malicious page has already been loaded. In addition relying on site reputation is not the be-all end-all of web security. For these reasons, BitDefender decided to take a proactive approach with TrafficLight."


BitDefender is making TrafficLight  available starting today in an open Beta test.



BitDefender is also launching a stripped-down version of TrafficLight as a Google Chrome browser extension, aimed mostly at people using Linux and Mac OS X. The extension is available from the Google Chrome extensions website.