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Bitdefender Partners with ConeXware to Bundle Anti-virus Solutions into PowerArchiver 2011 Toolbox

November 2011

Partnership makes Internet security provider’s anti-virus solutions available to utility software company’s community


Bitdefender®, an award-winning provider of innovative internet security solutions, today announced a partnership with ConeXware, a leading provider of compression, encryption and archiving utilities, that make Bitdefender’s anti-virus solutions available to ConeXware users. ConeXware will offer Bitdefender anti-virus protection with their upcoming product suite, PowerArchiver 2011 Toolbox– a set of compression and encryption tools built for families and small businesses.

After receiving customer requests for an anti-virus solution to be incorporated in the PowerArchiver Toolbox, ConeXware reviewed different security products and found Bitdefender best met the needs of the PowerArchiver community. Customer and reviewer feedback, along with other resources, confirmed that Bitdefender’s robust products provided the best complement to ConeXware’s PowerArchiver Toolbox suite.

Bitdefender Internet Security will be included in the ConeXware’s PowerArchiver 2011 Toolbox starting April 2011. The PowerArchiver 2011 Toolbox provides many features at one low price with a substantial number of features that ConeXware customers requested. The PowerArchiver 2011 Toolbox will include: PowerArchiver 2011, Bitdefender Internet Security, PowerArchiver for Outlook, PowerArchiver Secure FTP, PowerArchiver Backup and PowerArchiver Data Burner with Virtual Drive.

“We think it’s extremely important to listen to the needs and concerns of the PowerArchiver community, so it was a logical step to start looking for an antivirus solution to incorporate into the PowerArchiver 2011 Toolbox” said Drazen Dodig, Chief Operating Officer, ConeXware. “Along with other features, adding the Bitdefender antivirus solution differentiates us from the competition and provides our customers with a lot of value for the money.”

“For ConeXware, integrating another solution into their product offerings was an important decision, and for this reason we’re very pleased that Bitdefender was the choice to address their anti-virus protection needs,” said Peter Laakkonen, General Manager of OEM and Technology Licensing.  “Bitdefender places a high priority on working with partners like ConeXware to deliver offer security solution for their communities.”


About Bitdefender® OEM

Bitdefender has become a preferred choice for leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), hardware vendors, service providers, and marketing companies worldwide, who want to license content security technology and implement them within their products. More information about Bitdefender and its OEM products are available at the company’s OEM solutions portal. More press release information is available at the OEM press room.


About ConeXware

Since 2001, ConeXware has been a leading provider of compression, encryption and archiving utilities. Its award-winning flagship product, PowerArchiver, has set the benchmark for the industry by combining powerful features with a simple, easy to use interface. ConeXware software is used by millions of individuals, governments, educational institutions and corporations around the world. The company also offers the PowerArchiver Outlook Plug-in and PowerArchiver Command Line. ConeXware's reach spans the globe, with its software offered in 15 different languages.